Hi and welcome to my Blog!

I’m what you might call a ‘normal’, married, thirty something with a lovely four year old living in the South East of England, however, as well as that I am a compulsive gambler who has not long been in recovery.

There’s not much out there for women struggling with an addiction like this and certainly there seems to be a feeling and an assumption that betting is something with which men lose control.

I am aware that there are significantly less women attending GA and through the forums, chat rooms and articles I have read I know there are more and more women suffering with this addiction.

I thought I would write about my experiences and how life is sometimes affected by gambling as well as hopefully shine a bit of a light on just how much gambling permeates the lives of women today.

Primarily this blog exists so I can get my thoughts down to aid my recovery but I hope it helps others relate to this serious issue and brings some of the impacts, even the little ones others don’t notice, to the forefront of some people’s thinking.

A little more about me:

Favourite Hobby: Running
Favourite Pastime: Reading
Favourite Chocolate: Chocolate Raisens
Favourite Drink: Sparkling Water or Red Wine
Favourite Show: Grey’s Anatomy

So I think that’s it for an introduction!

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