• Going to the gym, or, a run.  I am by no means a gym bunny, however, I do like working out and to be able to do that without the urge to want to get on my phone and spend hours throwing money away was quite the revelation and did take some getting used to.  I actually found running outside in the real world the more rewarding out of these as I was actually taking in the outdoors and I listened to some great podcasts.  Bryony Gordon and Fearne Cotton have been my go to’s as has my dad wrote a porno!

    My Dad Wrote a Porno

  • Taking my son to the park/out on his bike, these simple and free things were very important as it helped me with a guilt as a neglectful mum and also meant we spent some great family time together.  It is amazing as well how little children actually need to be happy with you, something I am learning every day.
  • Planning days out, this is something I love doing, I actually think I may enjoy the planning some time more than the actual event.  Trying to think of something that all three of us will enjoy and spend some great time together. I love getting things in the calendar, it feels rewarding to have events booked in and reminds me what money should really be spent on and again helps me with the #mumguilt There are some great tools out there to provide some inspiration, I use local community boards, a couple of family event apps and word of mouth, I have been initiating a lot more conversations with people trying to find out what they do and where and I have to say this has been invaluable for not only some great and cheap ideas for days out but also my self esteem and social circle.  Again this is something I often reflect on as I would never have done this before, I wouldn’t have had the time or money to do so and would have been probably been a stressed out, highly strung mess!